6 Common Types of Houseboats

6 Common Types of Houseboats

Buying and living on a houseboat is becoming more and more popular especially among those who are looking for a great alternative to the usual options upon retirement – stay in the community or hit the road in an RV. Houseboats come in various shapes and sizes, from motor powered houseboats that allow you to travel to different places on the water to stationary houseboats which serve as a nice floating residence.

If you are thinking of buying a houseboat, there are a lot of things that you should consider such as mobility, size and use. And to determine which type of houseboat will fit your needs and lifestyle, you may consider renting one or a couple of boats until you get a clear idea of what you really want.

1. Pontoon – This particular houseboat type is very popular for its practicality, stability and reasonable price. Furthermore, pontoon boats are safe, very easy to operate and require little maintenance. They are mostly made from “”marine grade” aluminum while others are made from steel, fiberglass, wood and plastic. Small pontoon boats typically range from 20 to 30 ft, making them perfect for a day or weekend getaway. They are trailerable and ideal for exploring new waters.

2. Full Hull – This type of boat is another extremely popular model among houseboaters. Its shape makes it very stable and practical. The full hull design provide increased buoyancy and higher drier ride when you’re out in rough water. The big bilge and space below the floor provides a bigger storage space.

3. Catamaran – Because of their narrow hulls, catamarans have a lower level of displacement and higher fuel efficiency. Their width and twin engines also provide stable and comfortable cruising with extra maneuverability and easy handling

4. Trailerable – These are long and narrow boats which are perfect for cruising narrow and smaller river systems. They are typically made of steel but other styles are made of wood. Because of their light payload, you can easily tow them with a small Truck and other similar vehicles.

5. Barge – A lot of people live on barge boats which can either be permanently moored or can move about. Dutch barges are wider than usual narrow boats and provide better accommodation. Because if their extra width, Dutch barges need to be moored on rivers instead of canals.

6. River Houseboats – Whether you’re planning on living permanently on water or simply taking a vacation, you may want to consider using river houseboats. They are made from fiberglass and are available in wide range of models, from economy to luxury types in many different shapes and sizes. They are very stable and provides great accommodation or living space with lots of amazing features.