Arizona’s Finest RV Parks

Arizona’s Finest RV Parks

With vibrant and Indian villages, baking deserts and snowy peaks of the wonders of nature and man showcasing the famous Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon, Arizona is a state that is as fascinating and amazingly versatile. If you are looking for sun holidays, between the luxury resort in idyllic and world-class golf courses, hiking and nature walks among the dozens of America’s most beautiful national parks, adventure or hang-gliding and the Grand Canyon as more convenient and reliable for your status is with the Arizona RV rentals.

If you want to organize an RV Rental Arizona adventure, start it with My Drive Holiday where you can find relevant information in many varied activities of the State of Copper and RV sites world class. Here are some RV sites attractions Arizona has to cater its visitors:

Grand Canyon Railway RV Park – Arizona trip cannot be complete without seeing one of the seven natural wonders of Grand Canyon National Park. Inscribed by the Colorado River for more than 40 million years, it is 277 miles (466 km) and 18 miles (29 km) wide, the canyon was a sacred place for the Pueblo natives long before the arrival of Europeans. Not only for its extraordinary natural beauty and wildlife such as coyotes, eagles, American river otters, raccoons, wild cats, gray fox, mule deer and Big Horn Sheep – The Grand Canyon is a series of interesting activities and tours for visitors of all ages and interests. Grand Canyon Railway RV Park is a highly recommended site, where you can easily explore the natural wonders along the historic Grand Canyon Railway. The site offers all the modern facilities and a business of courts, basketball and volleyball courts and a jogging track.

Happy Trails RV Park and Golf Resort – This RV park is located about an hour’s drive from Phoenix, Happy Trails gives you a wonderful experience to golfers Great Eagle – Full-length, par 72 golf course, which has all the amenities of a world class park. This is where all the world class amenities can be found, next to the Peoria Sports Complex and Surprise Sports (home of the Texas Rangers and Kansas City Royals spring training baseball), and Lake Pleasant Regional Park is known for water recreation including where water skiing, sailing and world class fishing is also a lot of non-golf related activities are close by Happy Trails. Note that the Happy Trails is intended for adults only and not suitable for families with small children.

Navajo National Monument RV Park – If you’re on a search for local natives of America this modest and clean RV Park is a great place to base yourself from. Main attractions include several pre-Puebloan ruins, Navajo Cultural Center and Navajo Code Talker Exhibits, Historic Kayenta Trading Post and Navajo National Monument. For the more adventure, Navajo guides can take small groups walking in the valleys and wind swept over the cliffs to see sites like Betatakin or House of the shelf “, which is a natural niche of 452 meters height built by the local indigenous peoples in the 13 century. Note that these increases are not for beginners, you will reach a height of over 7,300 feet and the air can be especially grueling journey should never attempt by people with heart, respiratory or mobility.

Alamo Lake State Park Campground – If you’re trying to find comfort in the Arizona desert and then Alamo Lake State Park campground is perfect for you. Often regarded as one of the “best kept secrets” the district formed Arizona Alamo Lake Dam is located 40 kilometers along a narrow paved road in the desert and is also home to an excellent fishing and warm water. Desert has a wide selection of unusual plants and animal species between the Palo Verde trees, saguaro cactus, bald eagle, the Bobcats, a spear, mule deer and wild donkeys. The site is also favored by astronomers because of its distance from the lights of large urban areas. Alamo was camping offers basic information on accommodation for tourists who want to get away from civilization.

Holbrook Petrified Forest KOA – This is a free place to park your RV which is open all year and around a large number of attractions for the whole family can enjoy, including the Petrified Forest National, a fascinating site consists of records and the dinosaur fossils, including examples preserved footprints and the Painted Turtle desert – an area of 146 square miles of wasteland, whose name derives from the abundance of iron and manganese in the rock layers that make it very colorful. Holbrook KOA has a Wild West feel to the historic Hubbell Trading online and Navajo reservation near dwellings and prehistoric native found in Canyon de Chelly. The campsite also has a shop selling pottery, horsehair and other indigenous crafts and provides trips to Fort Apache and other destinations.