Car Insurance Discounts – Saving Money on Your Car Insurance

Car Insurance Discounts – Saving Money on Your Car Insurance

Dishing Out Discounts – Getting the Most from Your Car Insurance

We all know that insurance rates for younger drivers are often scandalous. Premiums are high for a number of years as insurance companies try to differentiate good drivers from boy racers. Shopping around for a good deal may be tedious, but will prove worthwhile in the end. Luckily I am here to provide you with a little extra information. So what discounts should you be on the lookout for? Find out here.

Online Discounts

Many insurance companies offer a discount for signing up online. They use less man power in getting the process completed and pass the savings on to the new customer. This is a superb route to getting a discount as completing your form online is often quicker than doing it over the phone. However, make sure you keep an eye on the small print. You don’t want to purchase cover you don’t need. Additionally you will usually be able to save your quote and ring the insurer if you need any help. The best part? You still retain the online discount.

Pass Plus

Taking the Pass Plus enables you to prove to insurers that you are capable of driving at night and on motorways. As long as you can show your certificate when needed, many insurance companies will offer a discount for the Pass Plus. Ask around to find out which insurers will offer a discount and compare the potential savings with the cost of taking the Pass Plus. It may not always be the best option. Put the time in with a little research and you may save some extra money.

Multi-Car and Multi-Product Insurance

Insurers often reward loyalty. If you insure your vehicle with the same insurer as another vehicle in your household, you may be entitled to a discount. Not all insurers offer this and the amount is up to the insurer. Phone around and see what sort of discount you may be eligible for.

A similar policy may be in place for other items insured in the household. For example, as an existing customer of an insurance group that may provide your home with contents insurance you may be eligible for a discount with that company.

No Claims Bonus

Most insurers will offer this and it will accumulate over the years. Make sure you keep driving safely and avoid any insurance disputes. You will, in time, save large amounts of money. This bonus is also generally transferable between insurance groups too. So if you decide to change your policy, make sure you know how many years of no claims you have.

Bonus Accelerator Policies

It may be worth opting for a shorter insurance policy if the insurance group offer a full year’s no claims bonus even on a six month policy. Most insurance groups won’t offer this, but if you search around you may find one. Make sure they offer the full year though, as you will pay a little extra for a shorter policy. On top of this other insurers only accept no claims bonus information in years.

So there you have it. A combination of good research and smart driving will lead you to cheaper insurance in no time. For any young driver, insurance is sure to be a pain. This is especially true for first time drivers.