DeLonghi 4 Cup Coffee Maker Review

DeLonghi 4 Cup Coffee Maker Review

Looking for a personal coffee machine that can brew more than a cup at a time? Or a portable coffee brewer that you can bring with you when you travel? DeLonghi introduces the DC51TTW 4 Cup Coffee Maker. This low-cost coffee brewer might be the one you’re looking for.

The striking feature of the DeLonghi DC51TTW Coffee Maker is that its stainless steel thermal carafe actually serves as a travel mug as well.

Not only does it keep coffee hot for hours, but it is designed to allow it to be used as a travel mug for people on the go. It has a contoured lip for comfortable sipping and it also prevents the coffee from spilling when pouring.

It comes with a brilliantly designed car cup holder adapter that fits to the base of the carafe that allows for slip-free handling. Therefore, if you don’t have time to spare to transfer the coffee to a travel mug before you leave for work in the morning, just remember that you actually don’t need to. Just attach the adapter to the base, and you’re good to go.

It has an internal cord storage feature, which is handy for storage when it is not in use. It also comes in handy when you want to pack this up if you want to bring this with you when you travel.

It also has some of the basic convenient features that all coffee makers seem to share: brew-pause function, automatic shut-off, a removable filter basket, and a non-stick base. It allows you to “sneak a cup” even before it finishes its brew cycle.

It shuts off automatically when it’s done with its brew cycle for safety and to prevent burns and scorching. Its removable basket and non-stick base allow for easy cleaning.

If you’ve done a bit of research about the DeLonghi DC51TTW Coffee Maker, you’ll find that it gets a lot of mixed reviews. The reasons for the bad reviews are that it has no timer, it uses the hard to find #2 disposable filters, and the carafe seems to leak once the coffee gets cold.

First of all, if this coffee maker cost more, then the lack of a timer would be a real issue. The thing is that this coffee maker is really inexpensive; therefore, adding a timer wouldn’t be possible, in my opinion. Anyway, it is easy to circumvent this “issue”. Prepare the coffee maker at night, and turn it on when you walk around in the kitchen in the morning.

Second, if you can get your hands on a gold tone #2 filter, then having to buy #2 disposable filters wouldn’t be an issue anymore. Plus, the added expense is not really all that bad because of the low cost of the coffee maker. However, if the availability of permanent or disposable #2 filters is really low in your area, then you’d better look for a different coffee maker.

Third, the carafe leaks when the coffee gets cold. I believe this is meant to be more of a feature than a flaw. The lid of the carafe expands when the coffee is hot; therefore, it prevents spills because it makes a very tight seal. When the coffee gets cold or when there’s no coffee left, the lid contracts, making it easier to remove for cleaning.

By and large, the DeLonghi DC51TTW Coffee Maker is a pretty good coffee maker. It’s made for big coffee drinkers, for those who are looking for a compromise between a personal brewer and a 10 cup coffee maker, and for people on the go.