Electric Bicycle Basics

Electric Bicycle Basics

Electric bicycles have emerged as the transportation method of choice for people who want exercise without the struggle of constant pedaling. They are growing in popularity for commuters and those who live in a busy city. An alternative to walking and driving cars, they are useful for short or long trips for recreation, shopping and traveling to the office without the stress of traffic or parking woes. For those who are unfamiliar with e-bikes, they are hybrid powered by a battery and pedals. When choosing an e-bike, there are several things for potential buyers to consider.

The electric bicycle is powered by a rechargeable battery system. The higher quality models feature a manganese lithium ion battery system, which enhances the riding range for approximately 50 miles. The battery is removable and can be locked up. It should be easily recharged when not in use to prepare for the next ride.

The standard e-bike is available in both men’s and women’s styles. Made by a variety of manufacturers, many riders prefer a lightweight yet durable aluminum frame. The seat, handlebars and suspension fork are adjustable features that enhance comfort and performance. Fenders with mudguards and a chain guard are helpful options that keep clothing clean and free from debris and entanglement. Headlights and taillights provide visibility and safety while riding in traffic or at night. Seat styles vary. Some provide a saddle that offers light padding and a handle with a clip for comfort and added safety. Aluminum alloy rims offer a sturdy base for the wheels. Pedals with non-slip construction and adjustable power give the rider options for how hard of a workout is desired. Higher line models allow the user to choose whether the bike is powered mostly by battery or by pedaling.

An electric bicycle designed for commuters on-the-go should offer a security package with lockable battery and a master key for both the battery and bike lock. The e-bike should be quick and easy for the owner to unlock and engage, but a deterrent to anyone wishing to borrow it and go for a joyride without permission.

E-bikes come with a variety of convenience features that make sense for commuters and distance travelers. A luggage rack integrated into the frame can eliminate shifting and loss of bags or other belongings while on the road. An effective kickstand should make parking simple and convenient while protecting the electric bicycle from tipping over or laying on its side while not in use.

Choosing an electric bicycle is often a matter of personal preference. Those planning to use an e-bike for commuting should look for safety, comfort, security and convenience features that make for an easy and efficient ride. Pleasure riders seeking exercise might also consider the comfort of the seat and other adjustable features.