Essential Information About Bucket Truck Parts!

Essential Information About Bucket Truck Parts!

Bucket trucks are undoubtedly an important asset in many industries: utility, cable, forestry, exterior building work including painting and window washing; and of course fire departments. When purchasing one of these vehicles, as important as it is to identify the right model for your business, it is equally important to know the ease with which you can purchase bucket truck parts and accessories when they are needed.

What are the normal parts that you might want to replace? Which accessories can you add to improve the working environment for your employees? This is essential information to know even as you are researching the appropriate manufacturer and model for your purchase, especially if the economy is causing you to consider a used version versus a new version of your desired vehicle.

Following is a list of parts and accessories that you can review and determine how readily you can acquire them before making a purchasing decision!

The Bucket and Pertinent Accessories:

Bucket – This is obviously the most major part of the vehicle and can quite easily be replaced. They can be replaced through the original manufacturer or through many other available manufacturers. There are several designs available as well as several other options, including whether you need a one-man or two-man size, where the controls are mounted, specific step information to include location inside or outside, which side and the number of steps.

Liner – One of the primary accessories you need to have is a polyethylene liner as it is common knowledge that these liners save lives! Original-equipment fiberglass buckets usually do not have complete dielectric protection. Liners are like a lineman’s rubber gloves; they provide a barrier to the passage of electrical current through the body. It is a plastic product that fits the inside of the bucket to protect it from damage and improve worker safety. These liners should be tested annually to ensure that they still retain their safety prevention usability.

Cover – If your company doesn’t have a garage for the trucks, the bucket should be protected from any inclement weather. A cover is needed to protect it and is usually mounted using strips with buckles that fit under the edge or lip. These covers are usually made from vinyl or fiberglass.

Guard – Similar to the liner, this is a cover for various parts, including controls, winches, boom tips, sheaves, brakes, hoses, collars, extensions and knuckles. It is a barrier or guard that is put in place to protect against making contact with live line phases with any part of their body or indirectly through conductive materials, tools or equipment.

The Arm or Boom:

The boom or arm is one of the major parts of the bucket truck that must be properly maintained with a high-quality safety standard. Anything short of this could unfortunately result in worker accidents when placed in operation. Before using, each one of these should be thoroughly examined by a person competent to assess the condition of this device.

Boom replacements are readily available from either the original manufacturer and/or other commercial suppliers that offer replacements for inserts that meet the manufacturer’s standards. A replacement can either by made of steel as are most original booms; the steel version can be replaced by a fiberglass version that is both dielectrically and structurally sound.

Since booms are a major part and can cost a great deal to replace, a thorough inspection should be made by an expert in the field who can usually offer a recommendation as whether you should repair or replace. It is always best to follow the recommendation of the inspector to prevent any future problems or accidents. Production records and a permanent serial number should be available for every boom.

Miscellaneous Accessories:

Non-slip surface – This is a dielectrically sound non-slip material that can be bonded directly to the liner floor and eliminate the need for a traditional scuff pad. The purpose is to eliminate slipping on the liner floor.

Ergonomic floor mat – A floor mat for a bucket that provides two-thirds of surface air; it is non-conductive and temperature-resistant. It reduces slippage, holds worker’s feet above water when working in the rain and acts as an insulator for the worker’s feet when working in cold temperatures.

Ergonomic support – It hangs from the top of the bucket or liner and allows the worker’s thighs to lean against it and brace the body when the worker needs to lean against the lip and apply leverage to the work, which otherwise creates serious back strain. With this device, the inherent straining effort is transferred from the back to the legs.

Tool board or table – This is a plate that is mounted on the inside of the bucket or liner to hold tools and/or supplies; can also provide a holder for a laptop.

Bucket truck parts come in many shapes and sizes as do the trucks from which they come. They also are manufactured by many different companies to enhance the working environment for these high-rising work vehicles. If you do your research ahead of time, you will know that you are making the correct purchasing decisions!