Ford Ranger For Sale

Ford Ranger For Sale

Are you in the market for a Ford Ranger for sale? It’s not a surprise really. Ford’s compact pickup is one of the most popular trucks in North America, and you count yourself among many shopping for both new and used Rangers. The reasons why are obvious. The Ford Ranger is a great utility truck that provides extremely good fuel performance at an amazing price. What’s not to love?

A Brand New Ford Ranger

The consumer with $15K or more to spend can set their eyes on brand new Ford Ranger for sale. Invoice ranges from $16,800 – $23,800. $15K will get you inside a basic Ranger with air conditioning, an AM/FM radio, and manual transmission. The buyer that can afford a couple of thousand more can add keyless entry, full power accessories, and a CD player with satellite radio. A host of performance and off-road packages will allow you to take that price up to $24K if you feel like splurging.

Fourth Generation

Ford began manufacturing fourth generation Rangers in 1998, and these are an excellent option for truck buyers who want a modern compact pickup, but want to pay far less than the $15K they need for a new one. Consumers can purchase a Ford Ranger for sale that is five years old with decent mileage at half that price. The truck will be slightly outdated aesthetically, but it will include most of the functionality and safety of the modern truck. This won’t entirely be the case with the late 90s models, so most consumers will want to stick with those Rangers that Ford manufactured after the turn of the century.

Third Generation

Ford manufactured the third generation Ranger between 1993 and 1997. This is where Ford introduced the aerodynamic styling, so while these Rangers look “older”, they don’t necessarily look “old”. They also boast Blue Book values that make them extremely attractive for the bargain hunter, or for the consumer that doesn’t want to pay a lot for a third vehicle. While not quite up to today’s standards, the safety features in these third-gen Rangers is very good, but a lack of a passenger side airbag prior to 1996 is a problem. Consumers considering a third-gen Ranger should probably focus on a 1996 or 1997 edition.

Second Generation

Ford manufactured the second generation Ranger from 1989 until 1992. The second generation brought with it a dramatic facelift that introduced the boxy frontend for which the Rangers and S10s of the 80s and early 90s became famous. These second-gen Rangers remain excellent options for the enthusiast who wants a project with a very low investment. However, the average consumer will find these older Rangers lacking in many ways. One, it’s an unsafe truck by today’s standards. Two, the truck will require too much upkeep for the owner who will take it to the shop each time it needs work.

First Generation

Introduced in 1983 and manufactured until 1988, Ford’s first generation Ranger remains popular with collectors and enthusiasts. However, like the second generation that followed it, these make for poor options for the average truck owner due a lack of safety features and the high level of maintenance required.

Ford has been manufacturing Rangers since 1983, and that means that whatever your needs, there’s a Ford Ranger for sale to meet them. The 2004 Ranger seems to be the sweet spot for the person who wants maximum value without sacrificing modern amenities and safety features.