Inflatable River Craft – The Best Inflatable Boats For Fishing

Inflatable River Craft – The Best Inflatable Boats For Fishing

In this article I’m going to outline some of the most effective and practical inflatable river craft for fishing. What, you’ve never considered an inflatable boat for fishing rivers? Well you probably should, seeing as how inflatable river craft can be much less expensive than traditional river boats and equally as effective. Not to mention the fact that this type of boat boats are incredibly convenient.

The biggest thing to keep in mind with regards to inflatable river craft is the quality of the materials that the boat is made from. An inflatable boat for fishing needs to be manufactured from the highest quality materials. Not only this, but make sure that the manufacturer has a quality welding process for the seams. Seams are where most of the problems with air loss tend to occur.

Good manufacturers stand behind their boats with money back guarantees and manufacturer warranties. Some will even offer free or discounted shipping deals and free trial periods so that you can make sure their inflatable boat is everything they said it was. The best inflatable boats for fishing are made by quality manufacturers such as Sea Eagle and Outcast. In any case, either of the river craft listed below are a great choice for anglers.

  1. Inflatable Pontoon Boats – Inflatable pontoon boats are excellent river fishing tools. These inflatable boats give the angler the ability to easily travel a river, fishing or stopping and fishing the entire way. There are personal pontoon boats for 1 or 2 anglers made by Outcast and Sea Eagle makes an inflatable pontoon boat called the FoldCat, which is a bit larger. Both of these manufactures make quality boats. The Outcast personal pontoons can be a bit difficult to initially assemble, but are great boats. The FoldCat is assembled in fifteen minutes, and it easily moved from fishing spot to fishing spot. Inflatable pontoon boats are a great choice for anglers.
  2. Inflatable Kayaks – Inflatable kayaks are also excellent for river fishing. These boats can be used in a bit rougher water than inflatable pontoons. Inflatable kayaks are also good for lake fishing. I like to use mine for river fishing, moving from spot to spot as I navigate down river. I wear my waders and stop the kayak at any “good looking” hole to fish. Sea eagle makes some great inflatable kayaks that make excellent Inflatable River Craft. There are also some high quality inflatable kayaks manufactured by Aire that are very good, but can be a bit pricey (at least for my blood). Inflatable kayaks are incredibly maneuverable, and as long as you buy your boat from a quality manufacturer, last for many years, if not a lifetime.

Either of the boats listed above are both great choices for anglers. The “best choice” ultimately comes down to the type of fishing that’s most enjoyed. Think about the kind of fishing you enjoy most and make your decision accordingly. Either type of inflatable river craft will serve any angler well.