Personal Drift Boats – Affordable Small Drift Boats

Personal Drift Boats – Affordable Small Drift Boats

Personal drift boats are a great way for one or even two to four anglers to fish a given body of water. Small drift baits are normally thought of as river craft, and they are great for navigating a river, but these small boats are also quite effective for navigating small lakes and ponds. The point is that personal drift boats are a viable alternative for the cost conscious fisherman who is in need of a small boat.

In this article I’m going to outline some of the most popular and viable inflatable personal drift boats on the market. Yes, I said inflatable, which is something that many anglers don’t consider when in the market for a drift boat. Traditional drift boats can be extremely expensive, but their inflatable cousins are much more affordable, and in most cases just as effective.

There are 3 choices that are viable inflatable personal drift boat options for almost any angler, whether you prefer fishing in the flowing waters of a river or the calm waters of a small lake. Those choices are:

  • The Outcast PAC 800 – This personal drift boat is great for a single angler. This boat is made from top quality components at an affordable price. Whether you’re fishing in still water or a raging river this small drift boat is a great choice. This boat is hade from the highest quality materials and will stand up to a ton of punishment.
  • The Outcast 1200 – This inflatable drift boat is much like the outcast 800, but has 2 seats for 2 anglers. Of all personal drift boats this model is one of the toughest. It has 2 1670 denier PVC thermal welded pontoons, which means that the pontoons are extremely durable. You and your fishing buddy can comfortably fish from this boat for many hours without being uncomfortable as well. The Outcast 1200 is a great personal drift boat.
  • The FoldCat Inflatable Boat – This small drift boat is a bit larger than it’s outcast cousins, but provides you with a platform for standing above the water, rather than having your feet hanging in the water. This personal drift boat is manufactured from very tough material that can stand up to being hit with the claw of a hammer, which means it will last for many, many years. The other cool thing about the FoldCat is the fact that it can be completely set up in 15 minutes! Outcast drift boats can take a while to assemble.

Any of these small drift boats are a great choice for any angler. Do a little research, pick your favorite, and get out there and go fishing.