Power Wheels Ford F150 Ride On Review

Power Wheels Ford F150 Ride On Review

When someone mentions Fisher Price, one immediately thinks of high quality toys which always seen to be popular with kids and parents alike. As is to expected, their new Power Wheels Ford F150 is nothing short of being a “pure luxury” toy car.

The Power Wheels Ford F150 is what’s known as a “powered” toy car, and it comes complete with a fully functional tailgate, and even a sound box which plays real music. Not only does it look just like a real Ford F150, but it’s also been built strong enough to withstand rough play.

Other features include working indicators, adjustable seats, and even a battery indicator which lets you see when the batteries need to be recharged. As most parents would agree, this is a very handy feature because it means kids don’t have to end up being disappointed when their car suddenly comes to a standstill because of a flat battery. When traveling forwards, the car is designed to move at both two and half miles per hour and five miles per hour, but when reversing, it moves at two and half miles per hour. As is to expected with Fisher Price toys, the car comes with a full one-year warranty.

The Power Wheels Ford F150 has two seats and is powered by a 12V battery. Dimensions are: sixty-two inches in length, thirty-five inches in width, and twenty eight inches in height. In order to keep in line with the current trend of making realistic look toys, Fisher Price have made this one complete with cup holders, a bench seat, seat belts and also dash storage, and just so your kids doesn’t get stuck, it’s also equipped with a Monster Traction tire package.

The car is part of Fisher Price’s high-end range, and it can provide children with an unimaginable amount of fun. Of course, having so much traction control also means kids can venture over all types or terrain, and with plenty of room to spare, and a low tail gait, they can haul goods until their hearts are content.

The Power Wheels Ford F150, which has a strong black plastic exterior comes with a battery charger. There are also several great looking decals for the lighting, and of course this helps to give it more of a realistic appearance. Not only is the vehicle designed to reverse on mud, grass and a range of other surfaces, but it can do so while carrying up to one hundred and thirty pounds.

Although Fisher Price does still make a lot of the traditional toys, they are also known for their ability to keep up with the latest trends. When it comes to toys, Fisher Price is more than likely the most trusted name in the world, but then again, they have be at it since 1930.

Some parents have noticed that the wheels can sometimes spin when their kids go up a hill, but they have also commented that the car still makes it, and above all, their kids gets hours and hours of fun out of it. Another key selling point is that it’s so adept at handling almost any type of surface, be it concrete, grass or mud.