Replacing Your Jeep’s Lights

Replacing Your Jeep’s Lights

Imagine a vehicle without lights. Back in the good ole day, they weren’t an option. You certainly didn’t want to be caught out driving when the sun started setting. And if you were, you would rush somewhere to park your car and have to walk home. With the advances being made with auto lights today, we are certainly spoiled compared to our grandfathers! Lights are an essential part of a vehicle and an important area to maintain for safety and reliability. They should be inspected and checked on a periodic basis and replaced when there are any visible signs of damage.

Make sure you know your Jeep’s lighting specifications including the fuses, headlights, taillights, and breaklights. We recommend that you carry spare fuses and spare light bulbs if practical so that you’ll always have lights. The information concerning the replacement specs can be found in your Jeep’s owner manual. It is also a good idea to learn how to replace the headlights and tailights before actually needing to do so. Different automotive models and vehicles have different set-ups for the lights. Some plug in, some screw in, some you need to remove from the inside through a panel…you get the idea. Having this knowledge will be very beneficial to you if you’re stranded out in the miuddle of no-where under less than ideal circumstances.

Typically headlights can be actually accessed more easily than the taillights or break lights. For sealed-beams, there are usually two or three screws along with a ring around the lamp itself that hold the bulb in place. Once the ring is removed, the bulb unplugs easily. Sidemarker lights are usually pretty easy to access. If you can remove the bulb, installation is usually a snap. Replacement lights are easily obtainable over the web though on-line stores like Xtreme Terrain Concepts which offers replacement headlights and tail lights for various Jeep models.

Besides simple replacment lights, the aftermarket industry has lead the charge in development high quality specialty lights and the leading manufacturing of these types of lights used for off-road applications is KC HiLiTE. KC HiLites are the best quality aftermarket 4×4 lights made today!

KC HiLiTES is recognized as the number 1 manufacturer and designer in the auxiliary and off road lighting industry. They were the first company to design and manufacture offroad lights starting with their Daylighter light. They have continued to build on their great reputation for long-lasting performance and quality made products. KC HiLiTES specializes in truck, SUV and Jeep lighting products, offering a complete line of light related items such as Fog and Driving Lights, Offroad Lights, Long Range Lights, Light Covers, Light Stone Guards, etc. Xtreme Terrain Concepts offers these fantastic lights.

If you take your Jeep or other 4×4 vehicle off-road we highly recommend that you consider KC HiLiTES for your offroad lighting needs. We think that once you learn about their products that you’ll see why experienced offroad drivers ask for KC HiLiTEs.