The History of the Suzuki T 125

The History of the Suzuki T 125

Just two years after Suzuki released the original Suzuki T 125 many overall changes were made to the motorcycle that would give the 1969 Suzuki T 125 Stinger a slimmer fuel tank, higher stability exhaust pipes, and a look that some advertisers would call a “Grand Prix.” The 124cc was a bike that gave bike owners a new dream machine. Though, this bike wasn’t as quick on the track as many expected. The Suzuki T 125 Stinger had many positive aspects to add to the highlight reel.

There were many different models of the Stinger T 125 which are known as the domestic Japanese model, the Suzuki T 125. Another model similar in attributes to the Suzuki T 125 stinger was known as the Suzuki T90 which was only released in china. The original Stinger T 125 was released in cherry red color that helped catch the attention of many. Overall this motorcycle is a fun and enjoyable choice for many outdoor enthusiasts.

The Suzuki Stinger T 125 is equipped right off the line with a 124cc air-cooled dual carburetor with a two stroke parallel twin. Matching engine statistics with the 5-speed transmission and this bike could blow away a majority of other similar bikes on the track. Soon after the release of the 1969 Suzuki Stinger T 125, many improvements were needed and thus the Suzuki T 125 2 Stinger was released in 1970.

The release of the Suzuki Stinger T 125 2 had many improvements that would make this bike obsolete to competition. Suzuki however failed to equip this model with any new brakes or harder suspension. The improvements of the Suzuki Stinger T 125 2 included an exhaust pipe, newer colors to choose from, and it was released solely in the USA. The release of the Suzuki Stinger T 125 2 helped to promote Suzuki and it created a following that was rare to see at the time.

The Suzuki T 125 Specifications

The Length: 1,835 mm
The Width: 790 mm
The Height: 1,080 mm
The Wheelbase: 1,190 mm
The Weight (dry) 96 kg

Europe continued selling the Suzuki T 125 Stinger throughout 1972 until production came to a halt. The last model to be released was the 1971 Suzuki T 125 Stinger which provided many benefiting factors such as a longer seat, a longer rear fender and a few other small details that could help prime new sales for this quickly falling off the market bike. The mechanics of the bike seemed to be unchanged with the 1971 Suzuki T 125 model motorcycle.

If you’re looking for a bike to either just cruise around the city with or race for fun, the Suzuki T 125 Stinger is a great choice for many riders alike. The look of this bike will give any owner the feeling of confidence when riding past onlookers who just can’t seem to divert their eyes. If you are ever looking for a one of a kind bike that knows how to provide fun, the Suzuki T 125 Stinger may just be the ultimate choice for you.