The Sources Of Low Used Car Prices That Beat The Other

The Sources Of Low Used Car Prices That Beat The Other

I’m going to take a closer look at three sources where you are most likely to find the lowest used car prices. You have to do a little legwork upfront, but compared to what you’ll save by following this strategy, it is well worth it. The best sources are your local newspaper’s classified ad section, quality car buying gudes and car auctions.

Here follows a more detailed view of these three sources for low used auto prices.


Go to your local newspaper and look up the classified ads section. In almost every case you’ll find lower prices here than the car retail prices. This is also a great alternative way for auto sellers compared to taking their cars to dealers for trade ins. They will get more for their car, and you will pay less than the retailer prices. You can save hundreds of dollars and maybe thousands depending of which car you deal with, and the seller will do the same. The only person that wouldn’t benefit from this is the dealer.

Car Buying Guides

A guide like this is a list of cars for sale in a certain area. A real quality online guide has a list of every car in a chosen area, and also enables you to sort the list by dozens of features. It normally keeps track of every search you made and includes capacities that inform you later if something you searched for without success should turn up later. These guides will also normally give you a vehicle history report on each car listed. The right online guide for the lowest automobile prices can make your vehicle searcing process a game.

There are a few quality car price guides available online. Instead of surfing the internet for hours, and getting overwhelmed by thousands of pages of information, it’s very convenient to have an easy accessible system, that find what you are looking for with a few clicks of the mouse . First and foremost I will recommend the following:

  • Nada Guides – For over 70 years, N.A.D.A. Appraisal Guides has been America’s largest publisher of used vehicle values.
  • Kelley Blue Book – Kelley has been in the market guiding Car Buyers for over 75 years now, and is maybe the biggest authority in this business.
  • Carfax- [] This online guide has a nationwide database and provides a detailed vehicle history report in just seconds.
  • Edmunds – is also a well reputated vehicle price guide.

Vehicle Auctions

  • Government Auctions include vehicles from Department of Defense, Department of Housing and Urban Development, U.S. Postal Services, FBI, IRS and more. The chances to make a great bargain there are high.
  • Public Car Auctions. Many auctions are limited to people with a Dealer’s License. These auctions however, are open for anybody. These auctions are mostly repossessions by Banks, Finance Companies and Lending Institutions. Here you can buy motorcars at wholesale prices.
  • Bankruptcy Auctions are also excellent sources for purchasing autos at low prices. The easiest way to locate these auctions is to check the classified section of the newspaper.
  • Car Rental Companies such as Budget, Enterprise and Dollar are continually renewing their arsenal of rentals. They often sell their cars by auction. Here you can really find a bargain. Check out the largest of these companies, either by contacting them or looking up their websites.
  • Many vehicle dealers also possess auctions. Here you can even get cars at below wholesale prices. However, to bid at the majority of these auctions, you must have a dealer’s license.

There are auctions with or without reserve. This means that they don’t have a minimum price.

It’s easiest to do it online

The number of online used vehicle websites are groving. As far as I have experienced, the internet is the best place to find cheap used cars. It is also the easiest, fastest and most comfortable way. You can do almost everything you need from the comfort of your own home.

Many people are afraid to buy cars online, because they think it is not reliable. There certainly are websites out there that are not serious. But I’ll tell you this: If you chose one or more from the sites mentioned in this article, I can guarantee a and top-notch reliability. This selection consist of recommended sellers only. Believe me; you have nothing to fear.

The internet is the best place for saving, selection and trust when it comes to car purchase, as long as you deal with recommended low price used car selling websites. And you’ll also avoid the stress of buying a vehicle, which normally follows the traditional way of doing this purchase.