The Top Ten Christmas Toys 2008

The Top Ten Christmas Toys 2008

Christmas is nearly here again and it may be not too long before you’re deciding what to buy for your child, sometimes getting idea’s for presents, can seem a bit of a daunting task

So what I have done here for you is compiled a list of the top 10 Christmas toys of 2008 hopefully this should make your buying experience a bit easier. And will take out some of the stress of what to buy.

1. Elmo Live this toy does everything that the Sesame Street character, does in real true to life form, this would make a ideal present for your die hard Sesame Street fan, your child could have hours and hours of endless fun playing with Elmo.

2. Po- Dance with me teletubby this will give your child endless hours of fun, children the world over love tellytubbies due namely mainly to their overall simplicity now though you have got your own lovable Teletubby for yourself. Po will dance with you just like he does in the TV series, you can select from two dance modes. When you drop him he will make a parb sound and a wee sound when you pick him up.

3. Dr who voice changer helmet you wear this toy on your head, and when you press a button on it then it will, say the commands one of them being the ever popular exterminate, so now you can get into your own science fiction reality, and pretend to be a Dalek while one of your friends pretends to be doctor who, so now you can really be a Dalek.

4. James Bond scalextrix set, the secret agent James Bond has been a favourite the world over for many years, largely due to the fact of all the gadgets that he has doing his various and dangerous mission’s, combine combine that with the thrill of Scalextric racing cars then you have quite a combination, of thrills and excitement as you are racing around the track, trying to out run your enemy. This would be one of the ultimate boys toys.

5. Indiana Jones role play whip, now you too can become your own adventurer, with this realistic whip similar to similar to the one that Indiana Jones uses, in his adventures in the famous movie series.

You can now have the realistic whipping sound right in the palm of your hand, there is a switch for turning the sounds on and off, this toy is a must for any, up and coming adventurer. It even plays the Indiana Jones theme tune as well.

6. Batman the dark knight bat pod, this must be one of the most ultimate Christmas must have toys of 2008, fresh from the new Batman movie the dark Knight, now you have the chance to own your own copy of the infamous bat pod, you will need all your wits about you as you battle the joker in combat.

7. Wrex the lovable robot dog with there being a heavy emphasis on electronic toys this Christmas, why not have your own robot dog, wrex is just adorable he is just like the real thing, and has three wants these call of nature, food and exercise. He also has three built in moods which are happy crazy and angry. This is one adorable pet that you must have.

8. Tri-bot it doesn’t get much better than this as far as toys are concerned, so why not have your own personal robot, tri bot has a pop up head, and his eyebrows move up and down, you can also play games with him these are pattern, maze and minefield he also has a built in alarm. What more could you ask for in a toy.

9. Cars lightening McQueen, this is based on the popular Pixar movie cars, this is a remote-controlled version of the popular character, he will do all sorts of tricks for you such as dizzy doughnuts and they are up to 120 different movements, with lots of phrases from the movie as well.

10. Dr Who 18 inch supreme dalek remote control, be in control of your very own Doctor Who Dalek from the ever popular TV series, the Dalek will move around like the real thing which you can control from a remote control unit. The lights on its head light up when it speaks just like the real thing. It will say things like halt all you will be exterminated. And many other popular phrases, you can also programme it to do other things like follow a moving object.