Types of Spraying Equipment Used on Farms

Types of Spraying Equipment Used on Farms

Keeping crops healthy and free from nasty bugs is one of the most important parts of farm management since they are a main source of your revenue. Effective spraying equipment can eliminate crop losses and are one of the key ways that we support the needs of a growing global population.

We’ll cover a few different types of spraying equipment that is commonly used on farms, their differences and the impact that they have.

Low Pressure Sprayers

Low pressure sprayers are widely used and incredibly popular because of their low cost. There are four different types of low pressure sprayers: tractor-mounted, high-clearance sprayers, truck-mounted and trailer mounted. Low pressure sprayers are far less effective at pushing pesticides through trees or bushes, and application can take significantly longer on larger farms.

Tractor-mounted low pressure sprayers are, as the name implies, mounted on a tractor. These units typically hold a capacity of 400 to 1800 litres and are operated hydraulically.

High-clearance sprayers are often tractor-mounted with height being the significant difference, allowing sprays to clear taller crops like corn, cotton and tobacco.

Truck-mounted sprayers are designed to be fitted to a flatbed truck. A large capacity allows truck-mounted sprayers to hold up to 9,000 litres with incredibly long, 18 metre booms for special applications.

Trailer-mounted sprayers towed by a tractor allow up to 3,700 litres in capacity with a boom up to 15 metres in length. High-clearance versions of trailer-mounted sprayers are also available.

High Pressure Sprayers

Usually employed when the spray needs to force its way through thick trees, bushes or brush, high pressure sprayers are more expensive than their low pressure counterparts. Units can be worked up to 6,900 kPa. High pressure sprayers are otherwise similar to low pressure models, hydraulically operated using the same basic parts.

Air-Carrier Sprayers

Air-carrier sprayers use concentrated pesticides transported via airstream over an area of crops. Quickly spread and diluted as it is distributed, the pesticide finds itself covering a large area with ease. These types of sprayers are ideal for orchard rows and the sprayer can be mounted on a turntable system that allows it to be rotated and aimed in any desired direction.

Choosing the correct sprayer can make a day’s work a lot easier – they help to create more efficient pesticide application. Consult with your farm machinery specialist about a type right for your crops and layout.